Earlier this year, I submitted an open letter and case study to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressing a case of long-term systemic corruption at the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), one which has exploited millions of ordinary citizens and unjustly enriched corporations controlled by some of Canada's wealthiest families, including Rogers Communications Inc. and Shaw Communications Inc. The unprecedented scheme continues to require millions of Canadians to subsidize private companies without the knowledge of ratepayers. However, there has been no response by the Office of the Prime Minister. 

A copy of my open letter to the Prime Minister is posted on this website, as well as a copy of the case study One Media Law. Friends of Canadian Broadcasting has also posted this material online (read). 

Due to my prior effort to expose this matter to proper scrutiny, Libby Davies stated in the House of Commons on 8 February 2008 that Canadians are owed more than $1.2 billion. Yet nothing has been done to address this serious and ongoing scheme: protecting prominent corporate executives, lobbyists, federal regulators and politicians from accountability in the process.

The database in the Document Archive section contains a number of documents related to this affair, including copies of several documents formerly stored in CRTC file 1000-121 and destroyed in 2006 after my lawyer specifically identified the specific file to politicians in relation to my allegations of corruption.

Interested academics and journalists are invited to contact me to discuss the facts of the well-documented case further.